Unable to Access E-mail Address of Record

TOP: Input 3 or more pieces of information. Every value that you supply must match.

  • Your information MUST include candidate ID, residency certificate, or both.
  • Type accurately. If ANY given value fails to match ProTeach records, you may try again without coaching.

BOTTOM: Enter twice your new e-mail address to use for ProTeach. Type accurately, as it must be reachable.

  • Must be valid format. (Ex: johndoe@yahoo.com)
  • When entered twice, the two values must be the same.

If ALL supplied pieces of information match ProTeach records, a "Please verify" message will be sent to new e-mail. Within 30 minutes, click that message's embedded link. E-mail remains unchanged until the link is clicked.

Adhere to instructions above when entering your information below.

    Existing ProTeach data:
    Enter 3 or more, including candidate ID or certificate.

    New e-mail address to use for ProTeach:
    Enter accurately twice.

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