ProTeach Portfolio Help Information

The ProTeach Portfolio Technical Guide offers helpful guidance, screen shots and tips for building your online portfolio and for managing your private, secure ProTeach Portfolio website.

Featured Help Topic #1: Attach Artifacts: Make an Artifact Link inside a Textbox

See Make A Link demo (approx. 1 minute). If you want scorers to see artifact evidence, you MUST make a link inside a textbox per instructions. This demo shows and tells you how to do so. Onscreen instructions also provide the steps.

Featured Help Topic #2: ALWAYS proofread to verify View Entry before pressing Submit Entries button.

You construct and build in Edit Entry, but Scorers do NOT see Edit Entry. Scorers do NOT see your list of uploaded files. Scorers rely entirely on your work as in View Entry. ALWAYS proofread and verify View Entry before pressing the Submit Entries button. From the View Entry page, verify that each artifact opens via a link, that all text is present onscreen, and that no textbox is empty unless intentional.

Featured Help Topic #3: Prescreen Of Entries Due

My Portfolio tab has Prescreen & Submit on left menu. Prescreen your entries often while building and before submitting. As a safety, Submit Entries button on page-bottom hides until each entry: has a response for every textbox (type text or mark intentionally empty); is within character limit; and has at least 1 countable linked artifact (unless all marked empty). Prescreen looks at mechanics of View Entry vs. those bare minimums and some concern areas that may lead to nonscorable (NS) criterion. NS would require entry resubmission. Prescreen is an aid, not a substitute for your own verification in View Entry.